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Manga events at the Bristol Comics Expo

Date: 2007 April 11 13:34

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Following on from our earlier story about the Bristol Comics Expo (on 12th and 13th of May 2007), we've got some more details regarding their coverage of manga stuff. They'll have:

- Tokyo Pop
- Sweatdrop Studios
- Selfmadehero
- Yishan Li
- Umisen-Yamasen
- Siku
- Boychild Books
- Ilya
- Misako Rocks

They've bundled everyone together into a Manga Ally too, as always it's good to see Sweatdrop attending these events.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Manga at the Bristol Comics Expo, 12th/13th May

This year will see a much expanded manga section in the Bristol Comics Expo, 12th/13th May, which will be put all together in a special 'manga alleyway'. The section is previewed at:

We have been working hard to organise lots of guests and some panel discussions.

So far this is what is lined up:
-Tokyo pop, with their big display
-Sweatdrop studios, with a booth and special events.
And in a general 'manga booth':
-'Selfmadehero', a UK publisher launching their new manga adaptations of Shakespeare.
- Yishan Li, a Chinese artist, representing Demented Dragon and Yaoi Press (2 new US publishers that she had done books for)
- the London collective of Japanese manga artists 'Umisen-Yamasen' will be there (there might be as many as 5 of them attend!)
- Siku, with his new manga Bible books.
- Sean Michael Wilson and Boychild Books, with 2 new manga books, published by US companies: 'Lafcadio Hearn's Japanese Ghost Stories', and 'Yaoi volume one', plus Fanfare/Ponent Mon manga books on show.
- Ilya, the editor of the Mammoth book of new manga, will be there with some of his manga 'mammoths'.

And two manga discussion panels in the Ramada hotel - 11.30am and 6pm.

The special Japanese manga guest is:

Misako Rocks!

She is a Japanese lady living in the USA. A very unusual and interesting character - in a good way! - she will liven up the manga alley no end. She has contracts with major US publishers and her 'Byker Girl' book is out already. Misako also appeared on a BBC documentary about manga last year. Her bio says:

"Misako was born in Japan in 1977. She developed a love for comics and manga at an early age (right after she went to her elementary school) and drew her first comic at age 13. She moved to New York in 2001, and worked as a a puppeteer, face painter, animal balloon maker, and art teacher, while still developing her own work.

Misako's first break came when the Onion decided to use her to illustrate their now famous "Savage Love" column, which runs every week. Shortly thereafter, Misako scored a two-book deal with Hyperion and a three-book deal with Henry Holt for manga books. She's been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including Elle Girl and the New York Times, and the BBC recently featured her in a documentary about comic book creators.

Misako currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin,,, a quiet little hippie town where she spends her times riding her vintage bike, making hip hop, and eating lot of TOFU!"

Her website is at:

Source: Bristol Comics Expo
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