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Uniqlo launch new manga t-shirt range

Date: 2008 April 14 16:43

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Japanese clothing firm Uniqlo have brought over several batches of their manga inspired t-shirt designs to the U.K. The women's range seems centred around Astro Boy whilst the men's is focused around celebrating fifty years of Shonen Mangazine and Shonen Sunday.
Shirts are £12.99 each or 2 for £20 for a limited time.

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Doing a bit of recon a large number of the shirts are packaged in plastic jars, featuring the art of Shotaro Ishinomori ( Skull Man) particularly prominently.

It's worth digging around because a number of popular franchises are represented including, Tekkonkinkreet ( aka black & white), Ashita no Joe, Gundam, and to my utter delight Urusei Yatsura.

I found the Urusei Yatsura shirt wedged right under a display unit, after about fifteen minutes searching having spotted a Lum poster in store. Looking at the Japanese website I also see Ranma and Cro-high shirts but I'm not sure how much of the range have been brought over.

Cheap official anime shirts on the high-street. Hoo-ray.

Source: Uniqlo
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