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Professor Munakata at the British Museum

Date: 2009 November 06 16:33

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Manga fans who can get to London will want to visit the British Museum from 5th November 2009 to 3rd January 2010 where in Room 3 they'll be a free exhibit of an exclusive manga title - Professor Munakata's British Museum adventure. It's great that the museum are doing this and it's an appropriate title as it's set in the venue that's showing it.

There's even a nice reading area where you can enjoy some manga.

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Press release as follows:

Opening today at the British Museum is a free display of an exclusive new manga by Hoshino Yokinobu called Manga: Professor Munakata's British Museum adventure.

Professor Munakata is one of Japan's most popular manga characters. Every two weeks, millions of readers in Japan eagerly follow the professor's latest adventures in the manga magazine Big Comic. Hoshino visited the Museum in October to draw the start of Professor Munakata's new adventure set at the British Museum. These drawings are now on display in Room 3 where you can step into a life-sized manga with graphics from Hoshino's comic-book creations filling the walls and floor of Room 3. You can also read copies of Big Comic in the small manga kissa (literally 'manga coffee shop' – although coffee will not be available) in the corner of the room.

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Source: British Museum
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