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Spirit of Hope Charity Anthology for Japan and New Zealand Disaster Victims

Date: 2011 June 05 16:34

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The Comic Book Alliance have sent us details about their latest project Spirit of Hope. The comic anthology has been created to raise money for the the Japan and New Zealand disaster victims.

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Press release as follows:


Press Release

Immediate Release

The British comics community has come together to help raise funds for disaster victims of New Zealand and Japan's earthquakes and tsunami with a stunning new graphic novel anthology, Spirit of Hope.

Comic Book Alliance Chair Tim Pilcher said, 'When the earthquake hit Japan on the afternoon of 11 March 2011 the CBA, like the rest of the world, was stunned. Overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the disaster we felt impotent to do anything. But standing idly by was simply not an option. So we did what comics people do best, we put a call out to the artistic community and asked for a strip, pin-up or anything that encapsulated that devastating situation for them.'

Over 85 writers, artists, colourists, letterers and editors from across the globe all donated their time and work free of charge, to produce a powerful statement, all within an incredible two and a half weeks after the Japanese tsunami hit. Consequently, the stories have a raw emotiveness and impact that can only come from such immediacy. Just a few of the big name contributors include: Nick Abadzis (Laika, Hugo Tate) Mike Collins (Dr. Who), Sean Michael Wilson (AX), Alan Grant (2000AD, Batman) Al Davison (The Spiral Cage, The Minotaur's Tale) Leigh Gallagher (2000AD) Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys) Liam Sharp (Judge Dredd, Gears of War), Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) and Chris Weston (Fantastic Four, The Twelve). Plus, there are moving contributions by manga artists who experienced the Japanese earthquake first hand including, Michiru Morikawa and Akiko Shimojima.

The whole project has been edited by Alan Cowsill.

There are two covers available, a bookshop edition by Jimmy Broxton (Knight & Squire), and a limited edition for comic shops by Michael Allred (Madman, I, Zombie).

Copies of the 112pp book can now be ordered in advance at £14.99 + £3.00 p&p. Please state your preference of cover - Jimmy Broxton or Michael Allred. Advance orders will be sent out and will include three small limited edition prints of the covers and a print by Mark Buckingham (Fables). The address is: The Comic Book Alliance, PO Box 165, Marple, Cheshire SK6 7BL. Cheques & Postal Orders should be made out to 'The Comic Book Alliance'. The book will be on sale from 18 June in all good comic and bookshops.

Further information can be found at the CBA website:

All the profits are being donated to the New Zealand Red Cross and Second Harvest in Japan.

The Spirit of Hope is being printed by Ukomiks.

The full list of contributors in alphabetical order:

Natalie Abadzis
Nick Abadzis
Mike Allred
Jason Atomic
Donna Barr
Jasper Bark
Jimmy Broxton
Adrian Bamforth
Jordie Bellaire
Paul H Birch
Dan Boultwood
Mark Buckingham
Jim Campbell
Richmond Clements
Jason Cobley
Simon Colby
Mike Collins
Martin Conaghan
Alan Cowsill
Gary Crutchley
Glenn Dakin
Al Davison
Brandon DeStefano
Benjamin Dickson
Martin Eden
Mats Engesten
Gary Erskine
Al Ewing
Glenn B Flemming
Emma Flint
Henry Flint
Leigh Gallagher
Matt Gibbs
Gary Gilbert
Alan Grant
Peter Hogan
Kev Hopgood
Jon Haward
Graeme Howard
Ant Jones
Rich Johnston
GM Jordan
Jessica Kemp
David Leach
Tony Lee
Nigel Lowrey
Ciaran Lucas
Paul McLaren
Gary Spencer Millidge
Alex Moore
Michiru Morikawa
Leonie O'Moore
Grant Perkins
Eva Perkins
Martyn Pick
Maria Pickering
David Pugh
James Reekie
John Robbins
Neil Roberts
Darick Robertson
John Ross
Declan Shalvey
Liam Sharpe
Akiko Shimojima
Si Spencer
Vicky Stonebridge
Lew Stringer
Steve Tanner
Archie Templar
S Thompson
Geoffrey D. Wessel
Chris Weston
Andrew Wildman
Ant Williams
Rob Williams
Sean Michael Wilson
Yel Zamor

Source: Comic Book Alliance
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