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Beckii Cruel releases her first mainstream dance track

Date: 2011 October 11 02:23

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Fans of pop idol Beckii Cruel will be pleased to hear that on Monday 24th October she'll be launching her first mainstream Dance Track - You Can't Kiss me 2011 featuring the Clones.

You Can't Kiss Me 2011 (YCKM) is available worldwide on iTunes from 24 Oct 2011.

Beckii is appearing at MCM Expo. Excel. London Docklands 29-30 October 2011 and is available in London 27 and 28 October 2011. Beckii will be attending DokiDoki Manchester on 13 November and is available in Manchester on Saturday 12 November 2011.

Otaku News interviewed Beckii Cruel at the May 2011 London MCM Expo.

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Press release as follows:


In yet another truly international hookup, sixteen year old Beckii Cruel from the Isle of Man is about to take on the dance charts with the infectious 'You Can't Kiss me 2011' Featuring the Clones.

Beckii said; 'This is such a mad international collaboration. Award winning London producer Tom Nichols wrote the original track with the amazing George Nakas from Stockholm, then top Aussie DJ's The Clones got hold of it and took it to a whole new level. To top it all, another load of hardcore DJ's got hold of it and blew the windows out with some club mixes. I can't believe quite how we've got here!'

Its a long way from 2 years ago when dancing to Japanese pop songs in her bedroom and posting the results on Youtube turned her into a pop icon in Japan and gained her worldwide news coverage. Nineteen million viewers and 53,000 subscribers later, the top ten Youtube Japan star juggles her 'other job' with just being a sixth form student dealing with the day to day challenges of teenage life.

"Having an alter ego like Beckii Cruel is great. I can dress up, dance and hang out online as a totally different character. Getting to keep everything going on both planets is pretty cool."

Asked about her departure away from J-Pop, Beckii said; " The J-pop is still there and a big part of things. I've just gathered so many international fans this past year, that Tom and I decided it was time to do something a little bit unexpected and controversial – which is right up my street! Hopefully my usual fans will like it, and a whole new set will start to follow my web exploits and get dancing with me."

Source: Beckii Cruel
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