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Studio Ghibli on Film 4

Date: 2011 December 11 14:35

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UK readers are in for a treat this Christmas 2011 as Film 4 have a special Studio Ghibli Season.

They'll be showing 13 Ghibli movies over the holidays. The season opens on Saturday 10th December with Ponyo, which will also be repeated on Christmas Day. The screenings will be a mix of subtitled and dubbed features. This is a perfect chance to get your friends and family into Studio Ghibli titles over the Christmas holidays!

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Film 4 is on the following channels:
Freeview -15
Freesat - 300
Sky - 315
Virgin - 428
Virgin HD - 429

Screenings as follows, it's not yet clear which screenings are subbed and which are dubbed -
Ponyo - Saturday 10th December at 6.55pm and Christmas Day Sunday 25th December at 5.10pm. Read our review.

Princess Mononoke - Sunday 11th December at 4.40pm.

Tales from Eathsea - Monday 12th December at 4.25pm. Read our review.

Castle of Cagliostro - Monday 13th December at 4.45pm. Read our review.

The Little Norse Prince - Wednesday 14th December at 5.10pm. Read our review.

Only Yesterday - Thursday 15th December at 4.10pm.

Whisper of the Heart - Friday 16th December at 5.05pm.

The Cat Returns - Saturday 17th December at 4.50pm.

Kiki's Delivery Service - Sunday 18th December at 4.25pm.

Castle in the Sky - Monday 19th December at 4.25pm.

Pom Poko - Tuesday 20th December at 4.15pm.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds - Wednesday 21st December at 4pm.

Porco Rosso - Thursday 22nd December at 4.55pm.

Ocean Waves - Friday 23rd December at 5.30pm.

My Neighbour Totoro - Saturday 24th December at 5.15pm.

Source: Film 4
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