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Manga UK 2012 licence announcements

Date: 2012 January 13 06:44

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Manga UK representative gives new titles announcement, including Clannad and Angel Beats, in interivew.

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In an interview with Otaku News now online, Manga UK representative Jerome Mazandarani has given us some new title announcements that Manga UK have acquired for release this year. Some of these will be available for pre-order on Amazon UK in the coming days. Please note where possible Jerome has given us exact dates. For all other titles he was able to supply the month of release. Also, where possible we have included details for the format type. Where no type is printed, the format was not mentioned.

Titles for 2012 include:

Angel Beats 2-disc DVD and BD releases (in conjunction with Siren Visual/Sentai) End of April

Baka & Test (no date given)

Clannad 3-disc DVD (May/June) 4 volumes

  • Season 1 Part 1

  • Season 2 Part 1

  • Season 3 Part 1

  • Season 3 Part 2

Fairy Tail (March/May/August/September is tentative)
  • 4 half season volumes with 2-discs each

Hetalia World Series (July/Early August)

Hetalia Paint It White (June 18)

Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society (May)

  • DVD/Blu Ray Double Play with more extras added as well as extras from Bandai US release

Strike Witches Season 2 (No date given)

Source: Otaku News
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