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Genki Product Launches for August / September 2012

Date: 2012 September 06 17:04

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UK based readers looking for some trendy t-shirts could always do with heading over to Genki Gear to check out their new designs. They've got a rather cute Chibli Cthulhu known as Cutethulhu, along with a mug that's erm, covered with germs.

They've also got 15% discounts off all mugs until 14th September. Just ender the discount code germ12 into the discount code box when you purchase a mug. There is no multiple limit so you'll get 15% off each time.

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Details as follows:


We launched our great new "Cutethulhu" design inspired by H.P.Lovercraft, horrifying and yet so cuddly. Available on Men's and Women's t-shirts at £16.99.

Don't use this muge it's covered in germs.

We have also just released a new mug design "Covered in Germs" for £7.99 and three new badge sets at £1.75 each.

Source: Genki Gear
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