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Manga UK announces live viewing of K-On! movie through social media

Date: 2013 October 29 11:06

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Manga UK will hold a social media live viewing event for K-On! movie on the 30th of October 2013

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Manga UK, the English arm of the anime distribution company, have announced they are holding a social media viewing of their recently released blu ray and DVD of the K-On! movie. Viewers are encouraged to keep an eye on social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook and follow along with the audience.

Press release follows:

Following the enjoyment everyone had during the inaugural Manga UK Online Community Event in celebration of the release of Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will Of Fire back in August, we're delighted to confirm that the next Online Community Event will be this Wednesday (30th October) in celebration of the release of K-ON! The Movie!

We're also happy to confirm that this event will take place not only through Twitter but on the Manga UK Facebook page as well!

If you're unaware of this event the concept is simple. We all watch K-On! The Movie on either DVD or Blu-ray at the exact same time and discuss the film as we're watching it on Facebook & Twitter!

The event as a whole will begin at 7:30pm, where for 30 minutes we'll be discussing some topics relating to K-On! and then the film viewing itself will begin at 8pm.

(Don't worry, we'll prompt you on when to press play.)

If you want to join in on Twitter we'll be using the hashtag #K_OnMovie to correlate all discussion. If you want to join in on Facebook you simply need visit the Manga UK Facebook page from 7:15pm and all the details on how you can join in will be posted at the top of the page.

During this event there will be giveaways, including for some of the UK Exclusive Limited Edition K-ON! The Movie Oyster Card holders!

Don't forget that K-ON! The Movie is available now on DVD and Blu-ray and can be ordered today through Amazon at

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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