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Porco Rosso Blu-ray release details and Studio Ghibli UK Steel Book details

Date: 2013 November 18 15:06

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Christmas as come early for many Ghibli Fans in the UK. Porco Rosso has just got a Blu-ray release in the UK. The adventures of the Crimson Pig over the Adriatic Sea is a classic Miyazaki movie. it's got all the hallmarks you'd expect, aviation, air fights, sea plane pirates and a touch of magic. It's a must see movie.

Keen readers of the Otaku Calendar will already know that Monday 25th November marks the release date of 4 Ghibli Steel Book Sets in the UK. Each set contains the movie on DVD and Blu-ray and comes in a shiny steel case featuring artwork from each film. They'll be releasing My Neighbour Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo and Nausicaa.

We're already drooling over these sets and different members of the Otaku News crew have expressed interested in different copies of these steel books. I'm dropping subtle hints to santa that I would like a copy of *cough* Totoro *cough* on Steel book, even though I've got the original Japanese DVD and UK Blu-ray releases. Yes! I am that much of a Ghibli fan. ^_^;;

Source: Otaku Calendar
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