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Sony's Easter Sale for PS3 and Vita

Date: 2014 April 09 12:59

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Sony is holding an Easter sale for the PS3 and Vita including good deals on JRPG's and other anime titles.

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Big savings to be had on PSN at the moment with Sony's Easter Sale. Highlights include the visual novel/puzzle game Virtue's Last Reward on the Vita down to £9.99 and on the PS3, Ni no Kuni, the JRPG co-developed by Level 5 (Dragon Quest, Layton) and Studio Ghibli for £5.49.

Other titles on sale include Zone Of The Enders HD, One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, several Tales Of games and Persona 4 Arena(*).

A full list can be found here:-

Source: Playstation Blog
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