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MCM Comic Con UK Licence Round up

Date: 2014 October 26 12:11

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Anime Limited and Manga UK formalise licence announcements at MCM Comic Con London 2014 along with MVM's already announced titles.

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At MCM Comic Con London today, Anime Limited head guy Andrew Partridge and Manga rep Jeremy Graves sat down to host their usual panel of licence announcements and updates. First out of the gate is the already confirmed licences for Baccano, Short Peace and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo for Anime Limited. Baccano will be getting a blu ray only release but no other details are available for the other titles. Tokyo Ghoul is planned for a release next year but this is dependent on when the English dub will be available. Kill La Kill's final volume will include the OVA.

MCM Comic Con UK Licence Round up

On to digital streaming, Andrew dropped hints that Space Dandy season 2 might be on Netflix in UK/ROI by Christmas time this year and that Full Metal Panic will be out in the middle of next year. An Ultimate Edition is planned for home video but again, dependent on materials received. In regards to more Gundam series on blu ray, Andrew said he would like to licence more. (Anime Limited already have the Vimeo on Demand rights for Gundam G Reconguista and are expected to release it on home video but it wasn't mentioned at the panel). On the subject of Ranma 1/2 and Nadia: Secret of Blue Water on blu ray, he said Kazé own the rights to Ranma but Nadia might be possible. He was open to the idea of licensing more of Studio TRIGGER's work like Inferno Cop but Little Witch Academia is more complicated.

Manga Entertainment have been hinted at being the distributor for Samurai Bride, the sequel series to Samurai Girls (released by Kazé UK) and they confirmed that here. Jeremy also confirmed that Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 TV version will be released on November 17th in the UK/ROI. On the matter of more Manga UK licences on Netflix, Jeremy couldn't confirm anything except that they were looking into it.

MVM Entertainment announced earlier in the day that they have licensed No Game No Life, Michiko and Hatchin, Otorimonogatari, Koimonogatari, Infinite Stratos series 2, Kamisami Dolls, Tsuritama and Battle Girls Time Paradox. Unfortunately, MVM have not said what formats they are coming out on.

All in all, there was nothing new confirmed here beyond what was already announced on Twitter during the con but it was nice to hear it directly from Anime Limited and Manga UK.

Source: UK Anime Network
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