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Terra Formars UK DVD and Blu-ray Release Details

Date: 2015 May 08 15:44

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Do you like your anime violent? Do you like your anime with a mix of sci-fi too? Well Manga Entertainment UK have just announced their latest acquisition. Terra Formars. They'll be releasing part 1 of 2 on Monday 31st August 2015 on DVD and blu-ray.

The story revolves around a botched attempt to terraform Mars. The planet has become overrun by giant humanoid cockroaches, who happen to kill humans on sight. Queue the clean up crew who are sent to Mars to sort out bad cockroaches and find a cure to a virus ravaging Earth. Naturally violence ensues.

The show is currently streaming on Crunchy Roll.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

PART 1 (Of 2)

Humanity faces its greatest threat yet!

Available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray

Terra Formars

Fast sell:
From the Co-Director and Key Animator of the hit series Steins;Gate comes this epic sci-fi adventure packed full of high-octane action and adrenaline fuelled storylines, that will hit all the right notes with fans of Attack on Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Key talent:
Director - Hiroshi Hamasaki (Director of Shigurui: Death Frenzy, Co-Director of Steins;Gate)
Hidenobu Kiuchi (Naruto: Shippuden)
Kaito Ishikawa (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
Kenn (Ao Haru Ride)
Shizuka Ito (Sailor Moon)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (Fairy Tail)
Ai Kayano (Psycho-Pass)
Produced by LIDEN FILM

A virus has spread around the world and humanity's only hope is placed in the crew of Annex #1, as they travel to Mars to inspect the effects of the Terra Forming project which begun thousands of years ago. The Project involved using moss, a plant that is very resilient and can grow in almost any environment, alongside a bug with equal qualities – Cockroaches. Their goal is to obtain samples of the resident cockroaches in the hope of finding acure to the virus. Unfortunately those resilient insects have mutated into giant, aggressive humanoids with one overriding goal: exterminate the humans!

We like it because:
Based on the best-selling manga from Viz Media, comes this remarkably entertaining and innovative series that takes sci-fi by the scruff of the neck, offering up an array of jaw dropping plot twists and striking animation.

Genetically modified humans, killer mutant cockroaches, what’s not to like about Terra Formars? This all new series from Manga Entertainment is not to be missed.

Hot Quotes:
''s a Hell of an entertaining ride' -KOTAKU

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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