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Kanpai London Craft Sake Brewery Crowd Sourcing

Date: 2017 June 21 15:53

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We've just discovered a crowd sourcing attempt to get a London Sake Brewery going! The catchy named Kanapi London aim to raise £12,500 by Thursday 29th June 2017. They've already hit their original target of £10,000 with 129 supporters.

The sake microbrewery in Peckham intend to make clear and cloudy sake in 330ml bottles.

They're crowd funding to get the first batch to market, scale up and produce more varieties of sake in the future. Pledge tiers include more than booze, you can t-shirts and hot sauce made with the sake.

For the £1,000 top pledge the brewery will visit your house (if it's in London) and host a sake-paired 3-course sake themed meal for 8 people including an award winning sake bomb dessert! If you break it down to a luxury top notch meal for £125 a head that they'll make at your house, that's good value for money. Plus you get to to start up a London sake brewery.

Source: Kanpai London Craft Sake Brewery Crowdfunder
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