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Esprit D'Air 2018 UK Tour Dates

Date: 2017 August 18 17:32

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London based J-Electronic rock and metal band Esprit D'Air have just sent us details of their 2018 tour. They'll be travelling around the UK for 7 dates in February 2018.

They have just released their new single Ignition from their new debut album Constellations.
It's released under their own label Starstorm Records and peaked at #3 on Amazon UK's Hard Rock & Metal albums upon its release.

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Details as follows:

Esprit D'Air are going on a 7-date UK tour to celebrate the release of their new album, Constellations in February 2018:

Esprit D'Air

UK Constellations Tour 2018:
5 February 2018 - The Underworld Camden, London
6 February 2018 - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
7 February 2018 - Mama Roux's, Birmingham
8 February 2018 - Sound Control, Manchester
9 February 2018 - Jumpin' Jacks, Newcastle
10 February 2018 - Rockmantic Weekender, Carlisle
11 February 2018 - Audio, Glasgow

About Esprit D’Air:

"They’re producing tracks that excite us much more than any recent visual kei or J-Rock from Japan." – JPU Records
"London-based J-Rockers aim to combine dark and heavy riffs with uplifting lyrical themes to provide a glimpse of optimism in increasingly uncertain times." – TeamRock
"Esprit D’Air convey an ethereal atmosphere, taken to epic proportions. Almost taking on air-like qualities with its grandiose sound." –

Reformed in June 2016, Esprit D’Air is a DIY and self-signed electronic rock and metal band consisting of Kai on vocals and guitar, Ellis on bass and Daishi on drums.

Their sound is unique and fresh, bringing together hard-hitting aggression with melodic interludes and blistering guitar solos. The band has received critical acclaim from their charismatic live shows in various countries, and their song ‘Shizuku’ was the first song in the J-rock genre to appear on the video game Rock Band 3.

The band is not seeking a major record label but instead, follow a strong DIY ethos and produce everything themselves to be as self-sufficient as possible. Consequently, they record, mix and master their own releases in their own home recording studio and produce the artwork themselves.

Esprit D’Air will be touring in February 2018 to celebrate the release of their new album, Constellations. Their lead single ‘Guiding Light’ is in TeamRock’s Top 50 Rock Songs of 2017. Constellations shot up to #3 in the Amazon Hard Rock & Metal best-sellers charts upon release and is now available in HMV stores across the UK.

Source: Esprit D\'Air
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