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Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum 01 Out On 21st February

Date: 2005 February 20 17:18

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Our UK readers should be interested to know that the Platinum Edition of Neon Genesis Evangenlion is out on the 21st February. This is more of a friendly reminder really since we've already posted the press release for it. We don't normally post reminder stories however considering how popular Eva is it's bound to generate a lot of interest.

The Platinum edition has remastered video, with sharper colours that really do look more vibrant, a new 5.1 surround sound audio remix which to put it simply sounds great even when down sampled to standard stereo. ADV have also gone to town with the packaging, the DVD case comes in a shiny card sleeve cover features some nice artwork and also a 12 page booklet with sleeve notes on the series. If you haven't already got Evangelion this is the edition you should buy, if you've already got it on DVD and are a big fan you still might want to consider getting this remastered edition.

Source: ADV Films UK
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