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J-Pop Fool!

Date: 2006 February 27 16:44

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We've got some details regarding the next J-Pop Go Event, it'll be on the April 1st, yes, that's April's fools Day, however it should be safe of pranks, since it'll be in the evening, and if you do try to pull a prank on April Fool's day after midday, you're the fool! ^_-

They're lastest mailing also has some rather said news regarding Ergi of Mika Bomb, who is belived to have meningitis.

Full Story

Details as follows:

As some of you may be aware, Ergi - the drummer for the band Mika Bomb became dreadfuly ill in December of last year with suspected meningitis. Although he has pulled through, it will take some time for him to recover from such a terrible trauma.

The next J-Pop Go event is going to be dedicated to Ergi and we're going to use the opportunity to raise funds to help him and his family. More details to follow. The next J-Pop Go is still scheduled for Saturday April 1st 2006.

Meanwhile, please visit the Mika Bomb website here: for updates on Ergi and other news.

A reminder that we still have two J-Pop Go Competitions running on the J-Pop Go site. You can win some game goodies from Ubisoft as well as great anime titles from ADV Films!

As ever, more details available via

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