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The Place Promised In Our Early Days Screenings

Date: 2006 June 21 07:14

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Following on from our report of the Barbican screening anime, ADV Films UK have sent us a press release detailing on of the screenings Makoto Shinkai's features. Along with the Barbican the NFT will be screening The Place Promised In Our Early Days from the 18th to the 20th of August.

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Press release as follows:




London, U.K., 19th June 2006

ADV Films are proud to announce the continuation of Makoto "Voices of a Distant Star" Shinkai's The Place Promised In Our Early Days on tour. The award-winning full-length feature, even more exquisite than his solo debut, wowed audiences at its premiere at Sci-Fi-London 5, and then again at the Anime All-Nighter at the same event. It just received its Northern Irish premiere at the Queens Film Theatre as part of Q-Con XIII at Queen's University, Belfast. However, fans are clamouring for any opportunity to see this beauty on the big screen, and so more dates are in the works.

First up is Sunday 9th July's Shinkai Triple-Bill at the Barbican Cinema, London. As part of the City of London Festival focusing on the art, music and culture of Japan, the Barbican are running a season called Japanimation - An Introduction To Japanese Anime, with the support of ourselves and the Japan Foundation. All three of Shinkai's award-winning features will be screened: She And Her Cat, Voices of a Distant Star, and The Place Promised In Our Early Days. Author Helen McCarthy will present. For more information, follow the link below.


In August, the National Film Theatre will follow their hugely successful anime festival of last summer, Distant Stars, with a new incarnation. Running from the 18th to the 20th of August, The Place Promised In Our Early Days will screen there as well, building on the success of last year's presentation of She And Her Cat & Voices of a Distant Star with Shinkai-san present. For more information, keep an eye on the NFT website at the link below.


Finally, a potential screening is on the cards for September as well, and there may well be more before the DVD is released - expect to hear more about the film that has left the critics saying:

"Visually enthralling animation that isn't all flash and sizzle" Aint It Cool News
"Will appeal to anyone who cherishes intelligent cinema" Film Threat
"The best proof yet that anime cannot be dismissed as kid stuff. In theme, design and emotional depth, it's entirely worthy of serious consideration, embracing but also transcending the fantastical spectacle that defines most of the genre`s sci-fi and fantasy milestones...It's a beautiful film to look at, glowing with idyllic atmosphere, pastel skies and careful attention to revealing details of character...By any standard it's impressive anime; as a feature debut it's a remarkable achievement." Seattle Times

"You do not want to miss this on the big screen."
"More deserving of a nomination for 2005's Academy Award for Best Animated Film than Howl's Moving Castle" Anime News Network

About ADV Films:
ADV Films is the leading producer-distributor of Japanese animation ("anime") in the United Kingdom, with the firm's holdings including such premier titles as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Spriggan, Samurai X, RahXephon, Hellsing, Martian Successor Nadesico and Full Metal Panic! In addition, ADV Films distributes select fine programming in other genres, including live-action science-fiction titles such as the legendary updated Gamera films. Aside from moving-picture content production and distribution, ADV Films' U.S. parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., is the publisher of Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and is the operator of North America's Anime Network cable channel. In addition to the London office, A.D. Vision, Inc. maintains world headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA with additional studios in Austin, Texas and offices in Tokyo.

Source: ADV Films UK
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