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Seduce Me After The Show

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: est, em

Age Rating: 18+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 9781934496169

ISBN-10: 1934496162

Seduce Me After The Show


Romance takes to the stage with the drama of the arts in a composition of short stories from est em.
In the title piece, two young actors feel the heat of a scandal when they flirt with disaster.

Making his acting debut, disenchanted former ballet dancer Theo Gallardo makes a brazen play for his Hollywood idol co-star Darren Fergus. The stakes are raised when their game becomes the talk of the town and with no director to call the shots, how will this drama unfold?

est em’s engaging exposé of fame examines the dichotomy of passion and ambivalence that warps the celebrity ego.


Traces of tragedy and torrid beauty permeate the aesthetics of this darkly rich piece that rests in the hand like a glass of vintage merlot. est em’s sensuous stories are to be savoured for their unique flavours and for their intoxicating allure.

Her work has the heat and intensity of embers that hold the promise of igniting an inferno of passion and creativity. For this reason Seduce Me After the Show is an inspiring read, a provocative portrait of the artistic mind and temperament that teasingly plays at the borders of its potential.

In the inky world she creates, the rough etchings converge with remarkable style and elegance befitting the fashionable lustre of the red carpet, whilst finding themselves at home in the dingy dives of painters and musicians. est em delivers a powerful sense of space, something that gives an identity to the setting of each episode. The experience is taken far beyond the simple pleasures of the principal element of boys’ love narratives that centres on the emotional engagement with the protagonists. In Seduce Me After the Show est em not only gives you the back stage pass but a full invitation to the worlds of her characters. Utterly enchanting, this is a truly remarkable read.

Rating: 9/10

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