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Make Love & Peace

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Released by: Luv Luv

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Takane, Yonetani

Age Rating: 18+

Page Count: 224

ISBN-13: 9781934496329

ISBN-10: 1934496324

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Make Love & Peace


Ever since their very first meeting, Ayane has been head over heels for her hot cop boyfriend Koichi. Drawn together by destiny, their lives have been non stop - both on the beat and between the sheets.

However, Ayane soon discovers that falling for a dedicated detective does have its drawbacks; in the fight against crime duty comes first and danger is never far behind. The couple both know that when you're trying to keep peace on the streets, it's your personal life that takes the hit. Can the couple take the heat together?


Picking up the pace with a new piece from Luvluv is this upbeat and daring drama by Takane Yonetani.

With her passionate pair of lovers Koichi and Ayane, Yonetani writes a robust work with the confidence and narrative clarity often absent in the titles from Luvluv's ladies' line. No arbitrary emotional detours, no scrimping on the sex scenes, this is an assertive story that knows exactly what it wants and where it's going from the outset. Making her mark in the chapter arcs, Yonetani's story builds in engaging emotional episodes that come complete with the couple's complications, climaxing in their carnal desires.

Koichi is sweet and straightforward, a sobering contrast to the outspoken Ayane who puts more than a little spice into the bittersweet mix of their raunchy romance.

Artistically, it's a little rough around the edges but charm carries the characters through, particularly in the case of Koichi. Wholesome and righteous, the handsome cut of his profile is particularly sweet when the story picks up the heat. This is one nice guy who really doesn't finish last, making a nice change for josei titles, proving that heroines don't always have to bed a bad boy to have hot sex.

While Make Love and Peace might not cause a stir in the wider world of manga, as a happy-go-lucky one shot it makes for upbeat treat, with thrills aplenty for romance fans.

Rating: 7/10


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