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FUNimation's UK titles to switch to Revelation

Date: 2006 November 15 06:58

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FUNimation's UK titles will be switching from MVM to Revelation Pictures. The move has been made by Nevarre , FUNimation's parent company who already use Revelation for other releases.This will involve series such as Full Metal Alchemist and Fruits Basket. MVM will still continue with a range of anime it's licenced independently from FUNi.

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Right now it's only speculation but titles could improve due to tighter links with FUNimation, and allow MVM to concentrate on other releases. On the other hand we'll have to wait and see if Revelation support those all important fan relations, not doing so can be fatal as Toei learned in the US.
MVM show a strong presence at anime realted events in the UK , we can only hope that Revelation follow that example as well as the example FUNimation has set in American in recent years.

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