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MegaTokyo Volume 4 UK release details

Date: 2007 March 14 17:06

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We've been sent a press release from the folks at Titan Books, detailing the release of MegaTokyo Volume 4 in the UK. Why should we care when volume 5 is almost out in the US and most bookshops stock it volume 4 already? Well this is actually great news as some places like libraries and their book suppliers will only deal with books that have an official UK release. Now that MegaTokyo has an official UK release you should be able to pester your local librarian to get a copy in. ^_- This also applies to the other Titan books we've put press releases up for as they've already had US releases, but would be hard to stock in some places.

MegaTokyo Volume 4 is due to hit the bookshelves on 27th April 2007.

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We have to question the title they've chosen for this press release though. Although Tokyo Pop is a clever and catchy name it's also the name of a rival manga publisher.

Press release as follows:

Tokyo pop!
Titan’s Manga Launch Starts With A Mega Bang!

"Megatokyo is a delightful and imaginative work of American manga."
- Publishers Weekly

"A genuinely engaging story filled with well-defined and interesting characters."
- Library Journal

Meet Piro, an anime and Japanese culture otaku, and his best friend Largo, a beer-obsessed, L33t-talking gamer. When they travelled to Tokyo in a drunken haze, they never imagined they’d get stuck there... much less find romance, fight zombies, and much more!

With the pair stranded in Japan’s capital, megatokyo vol. 4 [Titan Books, 27 April 2007, £6.99] finds Piro caught between three girls who want his attention, while Largo is on a quest to stop the zombie hordes he believes are infesting Tokyo. But what of the mysterious, manipulative Tohya... and what’s the secret of Piro’s co-worker Erika?

This massively popular online manga series is now being collected in printed format for the first time in the UK by Titan! Containing chapters five and six, this volume also features exclusive content created especially for this edition, with one-shot strips, character artwork and creator commentary, as well as expanded story ‘Circuitry’!

Created by American husband and wife team Fred and Sarah Gallagher, and packed with pop culture, gaming and anime references, megatokyo is the world’s most popular non-Japanese manga.

# # #

Megatokyo (vol. 4)
Fred Gallagher, Sarah Gallagher & Dominic Nguyen
27 April 2007 • Paperback • £5.99 • 240pp
ISBN-10: 1-84576-476-5 • ISBN-13: 9781845764760

Source: Titan Books
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