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Mobile VTuber Creation App CUSTOMCAST Now Available in Europe

Date: 2022 August 10 19:20

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We've just received an interest press release from the good folks at CUSTOMCAST. Their V-Tuber Creation App is now available in Europe on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows you to create and act out as a V-Tuber. It's to download and use, with payment required for unlocking extra items and gestures etc. Members of the CUSTOMCAST official channel (which costs 500 JPY a month) will also receive perks such as customizable poses and exclusive outfits.

There's also a Nekopara Collaboration where you can buy costumes for various characters from the franchise.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Mobile VTuber Creation App CUSTOMCAST
Now Available in Europe
~Nekopara Collaboration Announced~

Create your very own 3D avatars and start mobile VTubing with just your phone

CUSTOMCAST, developed jointly by Dwango and S-court, is a free-to-use mobile VTuber creation app. It enables players to easily customize premade 3D avatars and create their very own VTuber from a rich and wide variety of customization parts such as hairstyles, clothes, skin colors, face types, accessories, and more. The app also features real-time facial tracking, lip-sync, pose/expression presets, customizable background and Niconico Live app integration, allowing players to start live-streaming as a 3D VTuber from their phones. Additionally, players using iPhone with True Depth camera can utilize the AR function to project their characters into the real environment for a more immersive streaming experience. In-app purchases will unlock additional character customization options and subscribed members for the CUSTOMCAST official channel (500 JPY/month) will also receive perks such as customizable poses and exclusive outfits.

Since its initial release in 2018, the app has seen over 5 million downloads and is currently available in English, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional/Simplified). The app can be downloaded in European countries via Apple App Store or Google Play.



CUSTOMCAST x Nekopara Collaboration, character outfits available for a limited time
CUSTOMCAST x Nekopara Collaboration
Starting today until December 31st, CUSTOMCAST will be collaborating with the popular visual novel series Nekopara ( During the collaboration, players can obtain special outfits via the CUSTOMCAST shop that will allow them to cosplay as their favorite characters from the series.
CUSTOMCAST x Nekopara Collaboration
- [NEKOPARA Chocola & Vanilla Uniform Set] 1,750 cc
- [NEKOPARA Maple Uniform & Casual Set] 1,750 cc
- [NEKOPARA Azuki Uniform & Casual Set] 1,750 cc
- [NEKOPARA Cinnamon Uniform & Casual Set] 1,750 cc
- [NEKOPARA Coconut Uniform & Casual Set] 1,750 cc

*1cc = 1JPY

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