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Anime Limited Announce New Titles for 2023

Date: 2022 November 27 13:51

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Anime Limited teases new titles on its annual Cloud Matsuri 2022 YouTube event. The company showcased their up-and-coming releases for 2023, using their three-day Cloud Matsuri streaming event. All The Anime staffers Andy Hanley, Miles Atherton, Demi Rodriguez, Keith Copping, and Kat Hall were on hand to give their usual quirky and funny announcements. The releases are a mixture of new material and new remasters of previous releases.

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The Deer King
the Deer King packaging

Collector's Edition will be a blu-ray/DVD combo and will include 20-page booklet, two A3-sized Japanese posters, wrapped in a rigid slipcase.

Van is the head of a group of soldiers who expected to die fighting for their lands against a large empire looking to incorporate their home into its kingdom. Instead of dying, however, Van is taken as a slave and thrown into a salt mine. One night, a pack of strange dogs attacks the salt mine, and a mysterious illness breaks out. During the attack, Van takes the opportunity to escape, and he meets a young girl. Elsewhere, rumor is spreading that only immigrants are coming down with this mysterious illness. The medical scientist Hossal risks his life to search for a cure. Doctors also study a father and child who seem to have survived the illness.

Liz and the Blue Bird
Liz and the Blue Bird packaging

Collector's Edition 36-page booklet with interviews and artwork, rigid slipcase, and a single Blu-ray disc.

Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki are two close friends who are part of the Kitauji High School music club. Quiet and reserved Yoroizuka plays the oboe while lively and popular Kasaki plays the flute. The group has decided to play Liz and the Blue Bird, a song inspired on a fairy tale about the relationship between a girl and a bird. The musical piece puts both Mizore and Nozomi on the spotlight due to a solo part by Yoroizuka and forces the two girls to reexamine their friendship.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Evangelion collector's re-release

Standard re-release of AL's earlier collectors edition will include all eleven discs from the previous release (including Netflix and original dubs) plus A3 Replica Advert poster.

At the age of 14 Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 after several years of separation. There he unwillingly accepts the task of becoming the pilot of a giant robot by the name EVA01 and protecting the world from the enigmatic invaders known as "angels." Even though he repeatedly questions why he has accepted this mission from his estranged and cold father, his doing so helps him to gradually accept himself. However, why exactly are the angels attacking and what are his father's true intentions are yet to be unravelled.

Nadia: Secret of Blue Water
Nadia secret of blue water splash

4k UHD/Blu-ray Ultimate Edition will include a 200-page book with production artwork. All The Anime have indicated this will be one of their 'Definitive' edition releases.

In 1889, the world is on the pinnacle of great discoveries in technology. In mankind's grasp for the future, a sinister foe known only as Gargoyle, obsessed with restoring the former Atlantean empire to the glory it once held, begins his plans to take over the world. Nadia, with the help of a young inventor, Jean Ratlique, and Captain Nemo of the submarine Nautilus, must fight to save the world from Gargoyle and Neo-Atlantis. Based on the Novel '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' by Jules Verne.

The Tower of God

Tower of God splash

Ultimate Edition release.

It is said that if you manage to climb to the top of the Tower of God, any wish will be granted. Rachel can't bear to live in darkness anymore and so, despite her friend Bam's wishes, she opens the door to the Tower to begin her ascent. Bam, in despair, follows her, only to learn that ascending the Tower isn't as easy as just walking up stairs. A strange creature named Headon tells him that he will have to pass tests to prove his worth, the first of which is evading a steel eel and breaking a black orb. Aided by Princess Yuri of Jahad and her companion Evan, Bam gains the magic sword Black March and is able to move on to the second floor. Rachel can't be all that far ahead - but it may cost him to pursue her.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena splash

Complete series release collects all three releases into standard Amarays in a rigid slipcase.

Just after Utena's parents died she was consoled by a prince who gave her a ring with a rose crest on it. Utena was so impressed by the Prince that she vowed to become one herself one day. A few years later Utena is attending Ohtori Academy where she gives all the teachers headaches because she dresses in a boy's uniform so she can be like the prince she met long ago. After Utena's friend is insulted by a member of the Student Council, Utena fights in a duel for her friend's honour. Utena's rose crest allows her to enter the duelling arena where Utena wins the duel and becomes engaged to the Rose Bride. Unknowingly, Utena is pulled into a series of duels with other members of the Student Council for the possession of the Rose Bride. As she becomes fond of Anthy, the Rose Bride, she must fight to keep her friend safe and discover the horrifying secret behind Ohtori Academy.

Goodbye Don Glees

Goodbye Don Glees splash

Collector's edition. Check out our review of the film!

Two boys named Rōma and Toto meet when Rōma moves from Tokyo to the countryside, which he cannot grow accustomed to. But when he meets Toto, they become a duo, naming themselves "Don Glees." Eventually, Toto was supposed to move out to Tokyo for school, but on the summer of their first year of high school, they meet Drop, a new addition to Don Glees, who invites them to "view the world from above." When Rōma and Toto follow Drop, they become involved in a forest fire that gets blamed on them, and go off in search of a missing drone that has evidence of their innocence. A small incident becomes an important, life-changing journey.

Cyber City Odeo 808

Cyber City Odeo 808 splash

Re-release with newly remastered video (Otaku News is conjecturing that the video is the same remaster by Discotek Media for their US release).

It is the year 2808. Three convicts are recruited as members of the Cyber Police to keep major criminal activity in Oedo (formerly Tokyo) in check. In return, their life sentences will be reduced by a few years for every mission accomplished. However, to ensure that these convicts are doing their job, the police have secured special collars around their necks. If they attempt to remove their collars or fail to meet the time limit of their mission, the collars will self-destruct.

Studio Ghibli vinyl compilation soundtrack

Will include covers of music from Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, and more.

Attack on Titan Season 3 (All The Anime variant) Vinyl Soundtrack

Attack on Titan Season 3 soundtrack

Includes four double-sided vinyls.

Eren and his companions in the 104th are assigned to the newly-formed Levi Squad, whose assignment is to keep Eren and Historia safe given Eren's newly-discovered power and Historia's knowledge and pedigree. Levi and Erwin have good reason to be concerned because the priest of the Church that Hange had hidden away was found tortured to death, making it clear that the Military Police are involved with the cover-up. Things get more harrowing when the MPs make a move on Erwin and the Levi Squad narrowly avoids capture. Eren is also having problems with his Titan transformation, and a deadly killer has been hired to secure Eren and Historia, one Levi knows all too well from his youth.

Source: Anime Limited YouTube channel
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