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UK Cosplay events in Glasgow and London

Date: 2007 August 16 18:09

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Our chum and cosplay guru Emily has sent us details about two events with cosplay in the UK over the next couple of weeks in Glasgow and London.

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Showmasters (the company responsible for Collectormania and the London Film and Comic Con) have announced they will be introducing an anime and cosplay section at their upcoming shows.

The next two events will be Collectormania Glasgow on the 25th-26th August 2007 and London Film and Comic Con on 1st-2nd September.

There will be a cosplay masquerade at both shows, and London will also include an 'Animania' section. Other events of interest include guest talks, movie costume displays and the 'Total War Tournament'. For more information about the cosplay events, visit relevant sections of the London and Glasgow website.

Source: London Film and Comic Con
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