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Amecon 2008 registrations open this November

Date: 2007 October 19 16:43

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UK anime fans will be pleased to hear that we've received news from the Amecon Crew about the next anime convention set to run at Leicester University from August 8th to 10th 2008. Registrations will open on 18th November 2007. Guests as of yet haven't been confirmed (it's still a bit early for that), voice actress Monica Rial has already expressed an interest. At the moment it looks like they may have more live music, plenty of cosplay and the usual interesting selection of industry and fan run panels.

We look forward to the convention (many of the Otaku News crew have been to the previous three Amecons and had a blast) and we advise to book early to avoid disappointment as popular anime conventions in the UK tend to be fully booked quickly.

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Press release as follows:

are set to open in one months time.

The Amecon Committee have announced that registrations for the 2008 event will open on November 18th 2007.

The largest UK based fan-run cosplay event is to be hosted at Leicester University from August 8th to 10th 2008 for the third consecutive year.
Last year tickets sold out within two months of going on sale, Registrations Officer Kate Bentley, better known to some as Kawaii-Clamp Fan said:
"My hands are always pretty full once we start! It's important to register early as it's the only way to secure your place at this year's convention!"

Vice chairman Alex West added:
"Paying early means more money in the pot which means more guests, better events – really a better con."

Along with the announcement came a plethora of thanks and recognition for those who had helped achieve such a successful 2007 convention.*

One of the biggest shout outs went to the fans who, Committee Chairman Will Blewitt acknowledged, the convention would be nothing without: "The success of the convention comes down to the fan support, without a doubt. Anime fandom within the UK has really gotten behind AmeCon in the past couple of years, taking us from strength to strength as the event has changed from being the 'new kid on the block' to being an established part of the UK Anime calendar."

First time appearances included a set by self described Electra/New Wave/Industrial band Gothika.

Events Coordinator, Korina Abbott was impressed with attendee's response to the band:
"I was so pleased with the reception they received from the con-goers. I had missed their previous concerts in the UK so this was a brilliant opportunity for me. It was great seeing them joining in with the festivities at the bars and parties in the evening and everybody made them feel very welcome."

This year AmeCon also hosted the world premiere of the English-language track of "Welcome to NHK" from ADV Films. Another highlight of the weekend was Friday Night Live hosted with Anime Network (UK) presenter Stuart Claw. Added to this was the biggest ever Amecon masquerade, the return of the Cosplay Ball and raising £1,400 for the NSPCC*.

Will said: " In terms of events I consider a highlight of the convention, I would have to choose the Masquerade and Cosplay Ball, and the parties at the end of each evening. If the attendees are having a good time, then we're doing it right."

Though it is too early to confirm a guest line-up for the 2008 convention those who have already expressed their support include voice actress Monica Rial. Other rumours include more live music, cosplaying opportunities and industry discussion panels.

Will said: "Next year, we want to refine the current model we use for the convention, and expand our event roll-call even further - we want to cater for as many facets of anime fandom in the UK as we can. Ideally, I'd like to see us bringing over guests from the production side of anime and manga - we will certainly be making efforts in that direction, but we can't promise anything as yet."

• NSPCC donations came from a percentage of the Bring n Buy sales, the Auction and Official Amecon t-shirt sales.

Source: Amecon
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