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London Barbican Japanimation: After Tezuka Season

Date: 2009 January 18 14:01

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London anime fans will want to head over to the Barbican for their upcoming season Japanimation: After Tezuka. It's considers Tezuka's legacy and the works he inspired.

It starts on Wednesday 28th January 2009 and is set to run to Sunday 1st February. Curated by anime expert Helen McCarthy, she always manages to arrange a selection of animated treats. Her introductions are worth attending too, as she manages to cram plenty of facts about each screening.

The line up is as follows:

Dororo 18:00 Wednesday 28th January 2009
Black Jack: Episode 15:00 Saturday 31st January 2009
Phoenix: Immutable Conclusion 13:45 Sunday 1st February 2009
Akira 15:45 Sunday 1st February 2009
(also later on in February)
Tekkonkinkreet 20:30 Tuesday 24th February 2009

With the Tokyo City Promotion 2009 in London at the same weekend it looks like the end of January is a great time for anime fans to visit London! As always with popular screenings we advise that you book early to avoid any disappoint.

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The Barbican also have a multi-buy offer - book 3 or more films in the Japanimation series and each ticket is reduced to £6.

Details as follows:

Japanimation: After Tezuka
Wed 28 Jan - Sun 1 Feb 08

To mark the 20th anniversary of his death, we present a series of screenings inspired by the work of influential animator Osamu Tezuka, the father of modern anime.

Tezuka died in February 1989 leaving behind a number of unfinished works in both comics and animation while his completed works included a huge range of material which had not been filmed or animated.

Since then, the company he founded has been promoting his legacy, both making new Tezuka animation and encouraging other artists to take his work in new directions.

Curated by Helen McCarthy and following on from last year's Tezuka season, this series of screenings presents an opportunity to assess work inspired by Tezuka and review his enduring influence.

Dororo (15*) - Introduced by anime expert Helen McCarthy
18:00 / A rip-roaring fantasy epic - part of the Japanimation: After Tezuka season
28 Jan 09 / 18:00 / Cinema 2
[Booking Page]

Tezuka's Legacy - 'Black Jack: Episode 1' + 'In The Beginning' (cert tbc) + Q&A with Helen McCarthy
15:00 / A TV series favourites double bill - part of the Japanimation: After Tezuka season
31 Jan 09 / 15:00 / Cinema 2
[Booking Page]

Phoenix: Immutable Conclusion (15*)
13:45 / A vast saga described by Tezuka himself as his 'life's work' - part of the Japanimation: After Tezuka season
1 Feb 09 / 13:45 / Cinema 2
[Booking Page]

Akira (15)
15:45 / The anime classic - part of the Japanimation: After Tezuka season
1 Feb 09 / 15:45 / Cinema 2
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Treasure Town: Tekkonkinkreet (12A) - Introduced by anime expert Helen McCarthy
20:30 / Michael Arias' award-winning anime
24 Feb 09 / 20:30 / Cinema 2
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