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J-Pop Go March 2009 Event

Date: 2009 March 18 04:21

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London readers looking for some fun this weekend should take a look at the next J-Pop Go event. It's scheduled for Saturday March 21st 2009. At a new venue for the event, The London Stone.

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Press release as follows:

The next J-Pop Go event is scheduled for Saturday March 21st at our new venue The London Stone (opposite Cannon Street station) from 7pm to 1am.

Our team of DJs for the night will feature Chococat, Yamada, Piloru, Jimmy Messerschmitt and Genkiboi. Herr Messerschmitt will be kicking off the night with some old school J-Pop, DJ Piloru will be showing us his Akihabara-honed skills with a mix of otaku-themed and contemporary J-Pop, Choco will once again be demonstrating why she's the queen of the convention party scene and Yamada will be pulling up some dance floor fillers to keep you going through the night.

J-Pop Go will also be featuring the talents of VJ namimo who will be spinning some visual on-screen treats for attendees.

To entice all wonderful J-Pop fans back for J-Pop Go goodness we also have special deals on for tickets. For the first hour (7pm-8pm) entry will be free. After that, entry on the door will be £5.

If you're travelling down to J-Pop Go then you might want to order Tickets online, in which case you'll only be paying £4 per ticket. Entry with J-Pop Go flyer is also £4. A bargain for a night of J-Pop entertainment!

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