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It Came From Japan - May UK Tour!

Date: 2009 April 28 21:32

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It Came From Japan is proud to announce our May 2009 UK tour. Four amazing bands from Japan will play together at The Great Escape festival in Brighton and again at The Fly in London, as well as play separate shows around the country. The tour runs 16-30 May.

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Press release as follows:

The Brighton show, on 16 May at The Queen’s Hotel (the main Great Escape HQ), is a sushi brunch – free sushi and beer, plus anime courtesy of Manga Entertainment. And look out for our flyers – they include 10 free MP3 downloads of your choice from!

NATCCU - Dark-edged multilayered pop
TOKYO PINSALOCKS - All-girl groove-pop trio
SKUNKRICE - Fierce techno-rock crossover
REMAIN ON - Brit-influenced melodic rock

More info on each artist is below. We also have some dates for LEVELLOAD in May and June, which are at the bottom.

You can find MP3s, videos and images of the bands at, as well as news of any extra dates still to be announced.

Source: It Came From Japan (MySpace)
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