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Devil May Cry London September 2009 Screenings

Date: 2009 August 17 16:44

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London based fans of Devil May Cry will want to head over to the Barbican on September 29th 2009 to catch a preview of the anime series.

The 15 rated screening will be in Japanese with English subtitles. We suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

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Press release as follows:

Japanimation: Devil May Cry (15)
18:15 / A preview of episodes from the spellbinding television series based on Capcom’s popular game
29 September 2009
Cinema 2

Tickets: Standard - £7.50 online (£9.50 full price) / Barbican Members - £6.50 online (£7.50 full price) / Concessions £7.50 / Under 15 £4.50
subject to availability

Marking the DVD release in October anime expert Helen McCarthy will present a preview of episodes from the spellbinding television series based on capcom’s popular game.

Devil May Cry (Debiru mei kurai) (15)

Meet the Strawberry Sundae-eating half human demon hunter Dante who is hired through his mercenary business, ‘Devil May Cry’, to save the world. In the first episode, the supernatural mercenary becomes bodyguard to protect a young orphaned heiress from demons sent by fortune hunters to kill her.

'Highway Star' sees Dante reluctantly accept a mission to stop a possessed motorcycle, Red Eye, which haunts the motorway.

In 'Not Love' the mayor’s daughter is involved with a suspected devil and Dante must face the question of whether humans and devils can ever be together like his mother, Eva, and his father, the legendary dark knight, Sparda.

Japan 2007 Dir. Shin Itagaki 3 x 30 min episodes
In Japanese with English subtitles.

Source: Barbican
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