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AmeCon seek Events Officer

Date: 2011 March 02 17:54

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The great folks at UK convention AmeCon have sent us details of a volunteer role that needs filling. They're looking for a new Events Officer.

Apart from being able to pay something back to anime fandom, this is a great opportunity to participate in a large UK convention, see it's inner workings and meet others who are passionate about anime, manga and all other things otaku love.

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Details as follows:

AmeCon is a longstanding large 1,300 UK member based Anime & Manga Convention. Since 2004 the event has run a total of five times and intends to run again in 2012, and is held in high regards amongst many of its regular attendees.

AmeCon is currently looking for a new Events Officer. As the Events Officer, the applicant would be required to organise and arrange the convention events that occur throughout the AmeCon Convention weekend (in terms of duration, timing, location and required equipment), both with the relevant committee members and event volunteers.

The Events Officer will have a full committee role which includes universal committee responsibilities. They must attend the event, and are also expected to attend the required organisation meetings in person and online. All committee members must be dedicated to the event, and also understand and accept that internal information within the committee is strictly confidential.

The ideal applicant needs to be organised and professional, but approachable and friendly. They need to understand the attendee mindset to a degree and that their work affects the overall experience of the congoer and in turn the reputation of the event. Common sense is an essential requirement.

Requirements and skillset:

  • Prompt Communication Management with Attendees & Committee.

  • Polite & Helpful correspondence manner.

  • Ability to be fair and firm with everyone (including friends).

  • Ability to use Excel or another spreadsheet program.

  • Ability to typeset and wordprocess.

  • Multitasking.

  • Willing to traverse between multiple locations on a regular basis on the convention weekend.

  • Reasonable time-management skills.

  • Keeping track of multiple chains of correspondence and conversation.

  • Willingness to attend periodic in person committee meetings.

  • Common sense

Also Knowledge / Understanding of:-

  • which events need specific room layouts.

  • how long each event needs for setup & takedown.

  • which events may overrun their timeslot (e.g Pub Quiz, Charity Auction, Guest Signings) and allowing for overflow buffer time.

  • which events need to be strategically placed to avoid major clashes of attendee interest.

  • what technical equipment is required for each event where applicable (NB – No technical understanding of the equipment is necessary, simply an understanding of what is required and passing information to Tech Officer/Venue Liaison to ensure we have it).

To apply, please email before 1st April 2011 with a list of previous experience where your skillset could be applied to this role. All applications are welcomed and will be considered. The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed at a later stage by key members of the AmeCon committee.

Source: AmeCon
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