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Mardock Scramble showing at Scotland Loves Anime Festival

Date: 2011 August 19 19:22

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Scotland Loves Anime Festival returns to Glasgow and Edinburgh in October with Tow Ubukata's Mardock Scramble.

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The Scotland Loves Animation group is presenting it's Scotland Loves Anime festival for the second year, showcasing Japanese animation works both new and old. The event will run in two Scottish cities with Tow Ubukata's Mardock Scramble showing in at least one venue.

The locations and dates are:

Glasgow: October 7th – 9th

Edinburgh: October 14th – 16th

All other details at this time are to be announced.

UPDATE: Scotland Loves Animation have clarified that they will be showing the first and second Mardock Scramble films via Twitter.

Source: Scotland Loves Animation
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