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Influential Japanese Group Set to Rock London's Raindance Film Festival 2011

Date: 2011 September 15 15:06

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London based fans of Japanese music and movies will want to go to the Raindance Film Festival 2011 to catch Control Tower (Kanseitou). The film is inspired by music of the Japanese band Galileo Galilei. It's European premier at the festival on Thursday 6th October 2011.

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Press release as follows:

Influential Japanese Group Set to Rock London's Raindance Film Festival 2011

  • Debut single ranked in over one million download sales in Japan

  • Top 5 ranking debut album 'Parade' available now across the UK.

Hokkaido's hottest new talent, Galileo Galilei, prepares for success in Britain as a film inspired by their music gets its European premier at London's Raindance Film Festival 2011 on 6 October.

The four-piece indie-rock group blasted into the mainstream after dominating Japan's 'Senkou Riot' teenage talent festival. Since then, their debut single has surpassed one million download sales and their first major label album gained top five success in the country's Weekly Oricon Album chart.

Now, a film named after the first song they ever wrote, 'Control Tower (Kanseitou)', sets to capture the emotion behind the chords and translate the lyrics' message in a medium that transcends the language barrier. Upon first hearing the song live in concert, director Takahiro Miki knew that he wanted to make a film from it.

"We were surprised and thrilled when we first heard about the project," says vocalist Yuuki Ozaki. "Kanseitou was about those feelings we had as teenagers, battling against an overwhelming sense of hopelessness as time inevitably ticks on."

The film, screening on 6 October, tells how two alienated, directionless youths find their place in life through music and uses the band's quaint hometown of Wakkanai in northern Japan as its setting.

'Parade', Galileo Galilei's critically acclaimed debut album is available now in the UK from major digital outlets and includes 'Kanseitou', their breakthrough debut single 'Hanamasu no Hana' and nine other tracks that demonstrate why these Hokkaido boys are setting the standard for Japan's teenage rock movement.

'Parade' is available from iTunes and Amazon.

  • About Raindance Film Festival:

Started in 1993, the Raindance Film Festival has become one of the most internationally famed independent film festivals. Often compared to the US' Sundance Music Festival, Raindance attracts not only film lovers but also journalists, producers, actors / actresses, and directors. Past guests include Iggy pop, Anton Corbijn, Quentin Tarantino, Lou Reed and Tom Waits to name a few.

The film festival runs from September 28, 2011 until October 9, 2011
Official website:

  • About film "Control Tower (Kanseitou)":

Directed by Takahiro Miki, "Control Tower (Kanseitou)" was the centre of attention before its theatrical release, drawing more than 10,000 applicants for its invitation-only premier.

Featuring upcoming teenage talent Kento Yamazaki and Ai Hashimoto (from Japan's entry to 2010's Academy Awards, 'Confessions'), and inspired by a song of the same name by rock band Galileo Galilei, 'Control Tower (Kanseitou)' follows Kakeru, a 15 year old boy, and Mii, a female transfer student who picks up the unfortunate nickname Little My for her resemblance to a character from The Moomins. They are two lonely teens who cannot find their place in life, but who gradually learn to relate to each other through the power of music.

Official site: (Japanese)
Entry on the Raindance Film Festival's homepage:,7817,0,0,1,0

Source: Raindance Film Festival 2011
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