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Genki Gear London Expo Official October 2011 Exclusive T-shirt

Date: 2011 September 23 14:12

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With the London Comic Con MCM Expo just over a month away things are starting to rev up for it. T-shirt company Genki Gear have just unveiled their exclusive design for the October event, which is set to run from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October 2011.

This is the exclusive t-shirt for the London Comic Con MCM Expo. The theme this time around is Ninja vs Kittens! The t-shirt is available for pre-order only, with a closing date of Thursday 20th October 2011. The design will retail for £16.99 for both men's and women's style.

With the classic debate of ninjas vs pirates, we know where we stand (we also reserve the right to change our mind depending on what we're reading or watching when asked, if you ask us when we're indulging in One Piece you'll get a different answer than if we're watching Naruto). However Ninja vs Kittens that's a whole different ball game. What kind of ninja is this? What kind of kittens? Are they related to Maru? These are all important questions that we need answering!

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Press release as follows:


Ninjas Vs... Kittens? Genki Gear Unveils Exclusive London Comic Con T-Shirt

We've all heard of ninjas vs. pirates, but now the mysterious assassins of the East face their deadliest challenge yet; the tiny teeth and teeny claws of the juvenile feline. Yes, the geek chic gurus at Genki Gear have revealed Ninjas vs. Kittens as the official T-shirt of next month's MCM Expo London Comic Con.

Created exclusively for the London Comic Con, the limited edition Ninjas vs. Kittens design will only be available on pre-order up until 20 October at Available on both men's and women's T-shirts, the design can be collected either direct from the Genki Gear stall at the 28-30 October show itself or posted straight on to you following the 28 October official launch date.

Genki Gear Ninja Vs Kittens T-shirt Design

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