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Harajuku Night in London Sunday 4th December 2011

Date: 2011 November 29 18:12

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London based fans of Japanese themed clubbing can start of the Christmas season at the Harajuku! Winter Ball on Sunday 4th December 2011. The popular event returns to Proud in Camden. This time around they'll be 9 rooms, projectors and plasma screens for a fun Japanese themed night. The fun is set to start at 7pm and will run until late.

You can book your tickets here. Cosplayers, Lolitas and other fans of Japanese fashion will be pleased to hear that if you go in themed dress your tickets are cheaper!

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Press release as follows:

Harajuku! Winter Ball, Sunday 4th December @ Proud, Camden

7pm - late

HARAJUKU! returns by popular demand when Criminal Records presents the Harajuku! Winter Ball, on Sunday 4th December @ Proud, Camden. As the latest installment of London's most notorious Japanese themed club night, the event celebrates Japanese wonders like Geishas, Lolita's, Comics, Gaming, Origami, Karaoke, Manga, Art with a mix of Live Bands, Indie Music and JPOP thrown in for good measure.

This is definitely one unique event which is not to be missed and features a big dress up theme! Party goers mix together different styles and influences of Harajuku! fashion in a celebration of Japan, so make sure you're ready with bold colours and wicked style. Competition for the best dressed character is fierce with prizes for winners supplied by none other than Harajuku girl enthusiast, Gwen Stefani.

The event has already gained a reputation with gaming communities as a great place to meet, socialise and enjoy multiplayer gaming. Manga aficionados will also have their own zone too, with screenings of Manga and Animee all night. This is not to mention the Karaoke Zone where attendees can party in true Japanese style!

Source: Criminal Records
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