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Manga UK to re-release Ninja Scroll on limited edition blu ray in 2012

Date: 2012 May 22 18:00

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UK anime label Manga UK announces blu ray release of classic Yoshiaki Kawajiri film in a limited edition steelbook for a release date of October 15th 2012 via Twitter.

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Ninja Scroll

During a discussion on social networking site Twitter, Manga UK representative Jerome Mazandarani confirmed the company, which had hinted at it earlier in the year, will be releasing the anime classic action film, Ninja Scroll on blu ray on October 15th 2012. The company had previously released the movie on DVD in 2004 in a tenth anniversary edition.

The movie will be released in a limited edition blu ray/DVD Double Play steelbook. Jerome further confirmed that the release would be UK-only and that they were planning on "doing something a bit flash." He also confirmed that the US division of the company no longer possessed the rights to the movie.

Source: Otaku News
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