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SFX Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Anime

Date: 2012 July 20 16:29

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The good folks from SFX Magazine have sent us the details of an anime special that hits the streets today (Friday 20th July 2012) in the UK. It's intended for everyone from seasoned otaku to those who haven't seen anime before.

It includes features on -
Dragon Ball Z

Along with Tiger And Bunny, Welcome To The Space Show, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood-C, Berserk, Angel Beats, Ghost In The Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It comes with a double sized Full Metal Alchemist poster, a DVD with two episodes of Baka & Test, plus some Welcome To The Space Show Art cards.

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Press release as follows:

SFX - The Ultimate Guide To Anime


SFX – the world's number one sci-fi and fantasy magazine – provides the ultimate guide to anime with a new special edition magazine which hits the shelves on Friday.

SFX Special Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Anime reveals all readers need to know about the anime scene, including the hottest new shows, DVD reviews and interviews with stars of the anime world.

Featuring Dragon Ball Z on the cover, the special issue celebrates the exploits of the mighty Goku. Furthermore, SFX offers an in-depth look around Japan's largest anime studio, Toei Animation and a comprehensive look back at Hayao Miyazaki's first hit, Nausicaä.

In addition, the magazine comes packed with a host of free gifts including:

  • A DVD with two complete episodes of Baka & Test

  • Three art cards featuring Welcome to the Space Show artwork

  • A double-sided Fullmetal Alchemist poster.

David Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of SFX, says: "Whether you're a seasoned fan or completely new to the world of anime, this magazine is going to deliver fun and insight like you've never seen before. With reviews, interviews, cosplay features and language guides it really does tell you what to watch, what to wear and what to say! We're so happy to be working with Manga and the free DVD they've given us means you can sit down straight away and watch two complete episodes of a new show."

SFX Special Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Anime is priced at £7.99 and is available to buy from all good shops, Apple's Newsstand – – and -

Cover price: £7.99

Apple Newsstand link:

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Source: SFX Magazine
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