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Cowboy Bebop returns to the UK on DVD and Blu-ray Q3 2013

Date: 2012 December 22 13:54

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New UK anime company on the block Anime Limited have just announced on Twitter (and other social media) that their first title will be Cowboy Bebop on DVD and Blu-ray. It'll be released sometime in Q3 of 2013. The TV show has been released in the UK a few times on DVD before but has been out of print for a while and UK copies of the DVD are hard to find.

It has never been released on blu-ray in the UK. A hi-def version of the series has the potential to look amazing as the series was cel animated with some CGI, if done properly the blu-ray release would be worth grabbing!

The series was voted number 2 on the top anime of all time list by 11,700 Newtype USA readers (Neon Genesis Evangelion the TV show was voted number 1).

Cowboy Bebop, like Evangelion is one of those landmark must have titles that all anime fans should see. Additionally, Bebop isn't just about the anime, it's also about the music, The Seatbelts (Yoko Kanno's band) do an amazing job on the Bebop soundtrack.

Source: Anime Limited Twitter Feed
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