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Kirin Ichiban Now Prime Marketing Focus For Kirin Brand

Date: 2005 January 05 19:09

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Since all Otaku News readers are sophisticated and as a result eat and drink Japanese food and drink at every opportunity, we're certain that they'll be interested in some Japanese beer news for this year.

Kirin Ichiban is to become the prime focus of marketing, promotional and sales activity for the Kirin brand in the UK. In other words, the company in charge of Kirin in the UK would like you to make Kirin Ichiban your beverage of choice.

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Press release as follows:


Kirin Ichiban, the legendary Japanese ultra-premium beer, is to become the prime focus of marketing, promotional and sales activity for the Kirin brand in the UK.

One of only four brewers in the world licensed to brew Kirin beers, Charles Wells Ltd remains the sole brewer and distributor throughout the UK and Europe, a position it has held since 1992. The Regional Brewer has an enviable worldwide reputation and a qualified Kirin brewmaster at its Bedford brewery site ensures the premium quality of its products remains constant. The Company is now supporting the global repositioning of Kirin Ichiban as Kirin's flagship beer around the world and a £1million marketing spend will support the transition of focus from Kirin beer to Kirin Ichiban in the On and Off Trade.

Kirin Ichiban Bottle

Charles Wells Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel McNally explained "Kirin Ichiban was launched as the premium Kirin variant in Japan and has recently become the prime focus of Kirin Brewery's activity worldwide. Research shows that consumers aspire to drinking a more sophisticated beer with an authentic history and that they have an interest in the origin of products and the brewing methods used, similar to the interest shown by a wine connoisseur. We are therefore delighted to support the repositioning of Kirin Ichiban as its unique Ichiban Shibori brewing process offers customers a product of true distinction and a more rewarding appeal to discerning consumers."

The Ichiban Shibori process produces beer from a single first pressing of the finest ingredients, giving the sweetest, most flavoursome liquid every time. Whilst other beers are pressed and re-pressed, the Kirin Ichiban process disposes of what's left and starts afresh. Only Kirin Ichiban is made with such uncompromising standards, for a superior taste. The beer also contains more malt to increase its rich, natural flavour and its milder, smoother taste results from careful filtering of the first press at lower temperatures. HPI Research (June 2004) reported that, after tasting, 83% of consumers identified Japanese lager as "very appealing - second only to Belgian beers - and 61% of consumers said they would definitely purchase Kirin Ichiban".

McNally added "The Ichiban Shibori process is the world's most expensive brewing method because of its extravagance but it is the one factor that sets the ultra-premium lager beer apart from its competitors and gives it a distinct advantage in the premium packaged category. Enforced by the Master Brewer, the process symbolises the mark of true quality that Kirin Ichiban drinkers worldwide know and trust and its wastefulness in pursuit of excellence could be described as ruthless inefficiency"

Kirin Lager Beer was launched in 1888 and originally brewed by the Japan Brewery Company Ltd, later to become Kirin Brewery. Holding the No 1 position in terms of market share in Japan, Kirin brewery in the 10th largest in the world and Kirin is the 12 largest global beer brand.

Kirin Ichiban On Ice

The refined taste and superior quality of Kirin Ichiban are reflected in its distinctive, refreshed packaging which has been based on market research worldwide. It is available in 330ml and 500ml bottle, 330ml can and draught will be available from 1st February 2005.

Naturally, Kirin Ichiban goes well with Japanese food and its distinctively smooth, refreshing taste also makes the perfect accompaniment to fine dishes from all corners of the world. Many people have likened appreciation of Kirin Ichiban to that of a wine connoisseur and for the discerning and aspirational consumer, it offers a lager beer of true quality and heritage with no expense spared in the production process.

Kirin Ichiban is performing at +12.9% July 2004 MAT (Charles Wells ex factory).

It is a sponsor of the prestigious D&AD Awards that recognise the best emerging and current design talent in the Country and has extended its sponsorship to include the D&AD Student Awards in 2005. Kirin Ichiban is also the Official Beer of BAFTA.

The Kirin Legend

The Kirin is a mythical creature combining the grace of a deer and the power of a dragon.

The Kirin appeared to En Chen Tsai as she strolled in her garden. Enveloping her with its sacred breath, beast and woman became as one. En Chen Tsai gave birth to the philosopher Confucius. Henceforth, whenever a great figure is born, it is said that the mother has been visited by the Kirin.

The Kirin is acknowledged as the harbinger of good fortune.

Source: Kirin Ichiban
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