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A Silent Voice Hard of Hearing Screenings at Showcase Cinemas

Date: 2017 May 12 13:41

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The good folks from Anime Limited have sent us details of a special screening of A Silent Voice which will be for heard of hearing at select Showcase Cinemas. We're told that this is one of the first anime films to do so in cinema.

As the film is about a deaf girl it's appropriate that the title gets a hard of hearing screening.

The film has a tentative Blu-ray and DVD release date of 18th December 2017 in the UK.

This anime film was so good, we had to give it two reviews.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Showcase Cinemas to screen anime film ‘A Silent Voice’ for those Hard of Hearing

On Tuesday 16th May, ‘A Silent Voice’ will screen in select Showcase Cinemas for those who are Hard of Hearing, allowing them to experience the full film, including sounds, music and noises – this is one of the first anime films to do so in cinemas. A Silent Voice was released nationwide in March from Anime Ltd in conjunction with National Amusements enjoying a strong box office result. It garnered standout reviews from the likes of Time Out, the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and London Evening Standard.

A Silent Voice The Movie


A Silent Voice tells a story of childhood bullying, teenage guilt and a search for redemption.

A new girl joins a primary school class. Shoko is a shy, immensely vulnerable girl who is disabled - she is deaf and has trouble speaking. Her arrival annoys a boy in the class, Shoya, who starts bullying Shoko, with the support of some of his classmates. The results of this persecution are terrible, for both Shoya and Shoko.Five years later, the former bully Shoya is now a teenage pariah, tormented by his memories of what he did. He’s even thinking of suicide. Then he meets Shoko again, who seems able to forgive him for what he did, and he tries to make amends for his past actions. Shoya also makes new friends, and he even starts reconnecting with his childhood classmates. But can the wounds of the past be healed so easily?

A Silent Voice will be showing at the following cinemas next week:

Showcase Cinemas, Tuesday 16th May, 19.00pm

- Cardiff
- Leeds
- Leicester
- Nottingham
- Peterborough
- Reading
- Southampton
- Bluewater
- Bristol CDL

Directed by Naoko Yamada

Running Time: 129 minutes

Distributed by Anime Ltd and National Amusements

Source: Anime Limited
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