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Hibanacon 2017 UK Convention Details

Date: 2017 May 31 15:33

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Are you looking for an anime convention to go to in the UK in November? The folks behind Hibanacon 2017 have got in touch to tell us about their up-coming convention in Milton Keynes. The new convention is set to run from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November 2017 at Jury's Inn Milton Keynes.

This new convention is intended for up to ​350 ​people and includes everything you'd expect at a fan run anime convention, including panels, workshops, screenings, a dealers room, a games room and of course, cosplay!

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Press release as follows:

Hibanacon Anime Convention to run November 10th-12th 2017

Hibanacon is a new three-day anime convention at Jurys Inn Milton Keynes from November 10th-12th at Jurys Inn Milton Keynes. Conveniently located near the M1, A5, and Milton Keynes Central station Hibanacon provides an easily accessible destination for up to ​350 ​ anime fans for three days in November of this year.

Attendees can look forward to a three day event including the following:

  • Panels - Fan-organised panels about diverse topics related to anime, video games, board games, cosplay, and more. Listen to people with a real passion about their interests either to share it or just if you want to know more. Panel hosts already confirmed include members of Sweatdrop Studios, Brian Smith from the Dynamite in the Brain podcast, and Elliot Page from the UK Anime Network Podcast.

  • Workshops ​ - Interactive events where you can get a little more hands-on with creating something. Whether it’s small elements of cosplay or something else entirely, you can have a chance to really get a feel for an aspect of the fandom.

  • Screenings - Courtesy of Anime Limited, MVM Entertainment, and Manga/Animatsu Entertainment, we bring you a dedicated screening room with a mix of new releases, classics, and some specially selected titles we feel need a little attention

  • Dealers’ Room - Our dealers’ room and Artist Alley includes business such as Portal Entertainment, Sweatdrop Studios, United Publications, Miss Moonshine Makes, and more. Open on the Saturday and Sunday convention visitors will have plenty of items to spend money on.

  • Games Rooms - Traditional games and video games both have rooms at Hibanacon. Traditional gamers should find a fully stocked games room with board games provided by Portal Entertainment. Video gamers will find a room of their own full of retro games, Rock Band, DDR, and more.

  • Evening Events - Each day of the anime convention is capped off by musical events in our main event room. Our technical crew have spent hours scouring music collections, investing in tech, and meticulously planning our event space to give you the best experience they can. With a mix of anime tunes, video game tunes, K-Pop, and trance you can dance the night away. Evening entertainments will also feature a set by DJ Snap

  • Cosplay Masquerade​ - Attendees can show themselves off in cosplay at the Masquerade, and is an ideal opportunity for photographers to catch those costumes that can only be worn in a stage environment.

  • Cosplay Ball/Dance Lessons​ - Attendees can show off their stuff again at the Cosplay Ball thanks to our dance teacher.

  • The convention’s website can be found at ​ ​ and it can also be located on social media at ​ ​ and ​​. Further information will be sent out along all three of these channels at the same time regarding specific sellers, events, and more on a weekly basis, along with a monthly update of how the convention as a whole is progressing

    Source: Hibanacon
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