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Genocidal Organ Review

Date: 2017 July 09 15:34

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Anime has now started to get a regular monthly screening at select cinemas national wide around the UK! This month on Wednesday 12th July 2017, Genocidal Organ will hit screens across the UK.

You can find a screening near you by visiting, but before you do are you wondering if the movie is any good? Read our review and find out!

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There's an old meme about an anime title generator. You just get two or three words and smash them together and you've got a title for an anime series. With a title like Genocidal Organ, this movie feels like it's gone through this process.

Genocidal Organ is based on Project Itoh's popular debut novel. Project Itoh also wrote Harmony and The Empire of Corpses.

Genocidal Organ

Genocidal Organ follows the adventures of Clavis Shepherd, a special forces solider who is also a spy. He is all American, he drinks beer, eats pizza and watches American Football with his best friend who is also a special forces solider and a spy.

The film is set in the near future in a plausible world. You can tell they have great fun creating all this tech for the film. We've got augmented reality for the combat situations, but also for the everyday. There's a fun scene where Clavis goes jogging against a ghost version of himself, a lot like a racing time trial segment in a video game. They also have cool AR contact lenses, biometric hand guns, so only the user can shoot it, plus fancy militarily vehicles.

The story starts when Clavis is sent to track down John Paul a man who causes whole countries to collapse in a sea of instability and genocide. This takes our hero to Prague to enjoy the scenery and track the baddie down. Adventure ensues.

Genocidal Organ

Clavis himself is a solider with the ability to turn off his emotions while on operations. This is important because it stops him developing PTSD afterwards and allows the viewers to enjoy some extremely gratuitous violence. Soldiers with this ability also don't feel pain so can keep on fighting with mortal wounds until they become chunks of meat, again adding to the violence. The action scenes themselves feel like you're indulging in an FPS game.

I found the gratuitous violence jarring. It wasn't pantomime levels of violence like the later Tarantino features with blood and gore everywhere. The violence is spliced in there, without building tension or without adding to the level of danger or shock you feel. It's like the director has been asked to make it violent for the sake of it. I'm not against gratuitous violence when it's well executed (pun intended), but in Genocidal Organ it's like watching someone else play a first person shooter video game.

The movie has a big budget, there are no short cuts taken in the animation, it looks great on a big screen too. Scenery is detailed and realistic. The Prague scenes especially make me want to book a holiday there.

The mix of spying and video game type action makes Genocidal Organ feel like Jason Bourne mixed with Counter Strike. There's a level of intrigue as Clavis tries to unravel the mystery around John Paul and his trail of violence. There are various plot holes that make the movie a bit frustrating if you pay attention or over think it, but if you just switch your brain off and enjoy the movie it's a mix of a classic spy tale, military thriller and first person shooter.

Source: Otaku News
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