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Little Witch Academia Creators to Appear at MCM London Comic Con October 2017

Date: 2017 October 15 15:37

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Anime fans heading the MCM London Comic Con will be pleased to hear that they've got the creators of Little Witch Academia as the anime guests. The fan favourite show is available to watch in the UK on Netflix.

Series director Yoh Yoshinari, series producer Naoko Tsutsumi, producer Katsuhiro Takei and video game producer Yosuke Futami will all be at the MCM London Comic on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October 2017.

The MCM London Comic Con is set to run from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 2017.

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Press release as follows:

Little Witch Academia creators to cast a spell on MCM London Comic Con

Get ready for the witching hour at MCM London Comic Con! The crew behind acclaimed anime Little Witch Academia will be attending this month’s Excel show, along with the producer of upcoming video game spin-off Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

Available in the West on Netflix, hit Studio Trigger series Little Witch Academia sees young witch-in-training Akko inspired to enroll at Luna Nova Magical Academy by childhood memories of famous witch Shiny Chariot. Quickly making friends with her roommates, bookish Lotte and spooky Sucy, the energetic Akko soon finds herself up to her pointy hat in all manner of magical adventures, from problematical potions to devious dragons.

Little Witch Academia is directed by Yoh Yoshinari, who also created and helmed the franchise’s original 2013 short film and its Kickstarted follow-up The Enchanted Parade. Debuting as chief key animator on Hideaki Anno’s classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yoshinari has worked on popular Gainax titles such as Gurren Lagann, FLCL, and Panty & Stocking. Other credits include Kill la Kill, Dead Leaves and A Letter to Momo.

Series producer Naoko Tsutsumi started her career at Gainax and has worked for Studio Trigger since its foundation in 2011. In addition to working on Little Witch Academia, she has been involved on the production side for Trigger shows such as Hiroyuki Imaishi tour-de-force Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver and When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace.

Another of Little Witch Academia’s producers, Katsuhiro Takei has worked for Japanese film distributor Toho on a number of high profile titles – including as one of the producers of Makoto Shinkai’s recent body-swapping blockbuster Your Name. Other anime that Takei has worked on include Blue Spring Ride, Himouto! Umaru-chan and Land of the Lustrous.

Yosuke Futami is the producer of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming video game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – a side-scrolling action RPG slated to get a UK release on the PS4 and PC in early 2018. Other anime adaptations that Futami has worked on include Sword Art Online games Fatal Bullet, Lost Song, and Hollow Fragment.

— This news story is for October 2017’s MCM London Comic Con —

Source: MCM London Comic Con
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