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A Silent Voice Now on Netflix for March 2018

Date: 2018 March 10 16:01

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Netflix have just announced that they'll be showing A Silent Voice. The emotional roller-coaster of a movie adapted from the manga by Yoshitoki Oima it tells the tale of Shoya a boy who bullied Shoko a new deaf girl in his class. As the story unfolds, Shoya realises the error of his ways and seeks out Shoko to apologise and redeem himself a few years later.

We've reviewed the film from it's original theatrical run. If you don't have Netflix you can always get the movie on DVD or blu-ray too.

A Silent Voice is from Kyoto Animation who are renowned for the quality of their output. Their current series Violet Evergarden is currently showing in Netflix in the UK and is proving very popular.

Full Story

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Details as follows:

A Silent Voice
2016 12 2h 9m

A former class bully reaches out to the deaf girl he'd tormented in grade school. He feels unworthy of redemption but tries to make things right.
Starring: Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami, Aoi Yuki

Genres: Anime, Anime Dramas, Anime Feature Films, Japanese Films
Creator: Yoshitoki Oima
Director: Naoko Yamada

This coming-of-age story of bullying and atonement received a Best Animation Film nomination from the Japanese Academy.

Source: Netflix UK
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