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First Ever UK Tokyopop 'Rising Stars Of Manga' Competition

Date: 2005 April 28 17:09

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Following on from our earlier story Tokyopop are to offer a chance for UK creators to earn prizes and receive a chance to have their own Graphic Novel.

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Tokyopop UK have released the details of their 'Rising Stars of Manga' competition which for the first time is open to the UK artist community.

There is prize-money to be won with a grand prize of £1000 being offered to the winner and runners up prizes from £750 to £250 being offered. As well as the cash, the top seven entries will also be published by Tokyopop in a ‘Rising Stars of Manga’ anthology. Even more than this, the final winners will be offered a chance to pitch a story to Tokyopop executives for the possibility of a full-length Graphic Novel Series. This competition has already been in force in the US for a while, but this is the first time that it has been open only to UK residents. Details are here, but the rules do state that entries will be accepted from the 15th May until a deadline of 30th September 2005, so you British writers and artists have plenty of time to pick up your pens and create a story which could be seen in print in the UK, US and beyond.

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