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More Details Of Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh manga releases in the UK

Date: 2005 May 05 15:03

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Following on this story, Gollancz have confirmed more details of the release of the Dragon Ball Z and the Yu-Gi-Oh series in mainstream book shops. The cartoon series of both have caught the attention of the UK audience by their showing on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and now it will be possible from August to buy the manga titles from all good book shops, with Ottakars especially making a push with these titles.

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Ottakars have confirmed that the titles will be priced at £4.99 and will release the first two volumes of each series in August. Not suited to children's sections, they will be aiming the titles at the younger teenager.

Worldwide the Dragon Ball Z series has sold 85 million in translation alone, and so this is an important step in garnering manga more press attention. You can pre-order these titles from

Dragon Ball Z Volume One

Yu-Gi-Oh Volume One

Below is a supplier's description of both title's major selling points:

Manga is a world wide cult phenomenon.
Part of our launch of Shonen Jump’s Manga line under the Gollancz imprint.

Books backed by a major and ongoing marketing campaign.

4.99 price point significantly undercuts US import titles.

Mainstream distribution and marketing support for the first time.

Unique ‘back-to-front’ format a key attraction for children.

Ideal books for children who find ordinary books a turn-off.

Fantastic artwork – Japanese graphics have never been cooler.

The Tokyopop imprint has already developed a firm foothold in the UK market, but these titles which will really push things forward. Six other titles are also planned for release.

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