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Blood At AyaCon

Date: 2005 May 19 17:57

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The popular UK anime convention AyaCon have announced that their guests for this year will be visual kei band Blood. The last AyaCon had MegaTokyo artist Fred Gallagher who proved to be an excellent choice (a detailed report can be found here).

This seems like an interesting choice for guests, since Blood do not have a direct connection to Anime fandom, unlike MegaTokyo which is read by many anime fans. The Otaku News Crew wonder if more Visual Kei, J-Pop and J-Rock fans will register for the convention, who have no real interested in anime, with just over 300 places left at the time of writing this article AyaCon is selling out fast normally the last 200 or so places tend to go very quickly. We also wonder if the popular J-Pop/Rock party at AmeCon last year had any influence on the committee members.

It's good to see that UK anime conventions are experimenting with the type of guests they have and also take the standard anime convention in a new direction. This is the fifth AyaCon, and based on our previous experiences there the convention is normally very well run and certainlly well worth attending.

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Press release as follows:

The AyaCon Committee, in association with JmusicEuropa.Com is pleased to announce the UK premiere of the visual kei band BLOOD. BLOOD (official home page: were formed in February 2002, and have a strongly distinctive visual style and a wide musical repertoire, from joyful and light punk to heavy metal, to soft and gentle ballads. From their home city of Osaka, they have toured widely in Europe and the US, but this is their first concert in the UK.


BLOOD will be performing at AyaCon on the afternoon of Sunday 21st August, as the climax of a programme of J-pop, J-rock and VK-themed events which will run throughout the AyaCon weekend.

Other key events in the programme include a selection of music panels and video programme items, music themed cosplay, J-rock and J-pop parties in the venue's fully equipped nightclub on Friday and Saturday night, and, of course, a karaoke event.

Admission to the BLOOD concert and all other music programme events are free to registered AyaCon members: no additional tickets need to be purchased.

Source: AyaCon
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