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UK PSP Anime Movies

Date: 2005 July 19 17:44

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UK gamers looking forward to the September release of the Sony PSP can also expect a blitz of UMD Movies for the handheld games console, anime titles that are going to be available so far include:

- Akira
- Ghost In The Shell
- Ghost In The Shell: On The Trail Of The Laughing Man
- Ghost In The Shell: Trouble At Home & Abroad
- La Blue Girl Returns
- Transformers The Movie

All of the above should be out on (or by) 5th September 2005 and will be priced around £10 - £15 depending on the title and the retailer.

Optimum Releasing will also be releasing Appleseed on DVD and UMD on 19th September.

It should be noted that PSP UMD Movies are region locked, so a UK PSP will only play Region 2 European and Japanese UMDs and not Region 1 US UMDs. Like DVDs UMDs can support multiple audio tracks and subtitles, so a single disc can ideally come with both the subbed and dubbed version of title.

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Readers will be keen to note that the Ghost In The Shell: On The Trail Of The Laughing Man, is a compilation of the Laughing Man story arch from Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex.

Otaku will already be aware that you can play movies off the PSPs memory stick if saved in the correct format, this allows anime fans to watch their favourite fansubs on their PSP on the bus, train or even classroom (not that we would recommend the latter).

The Otaku News Crew advise against getting Lumines (aka that falling block game) for the handheld since it is amazingly addictive, hypnotic and could also cost you your social life, instead we advise gamers to get the Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex Game, since you get to give those Tachikomas orders! ^_^

Source: Otaku News
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