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Promare UK and Ireland Cinema Screening Details

Date: 2019 October 12 19:04

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UK based fans of Studio Trigger are in for a treat. Anime Distributors Anime Limited have just announced they've acquired the rights to Promare.

Studio Trigger are responsible for TV series Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, director Hiroyuki Imaishi was also behind GAINAX's Gurren Lagann. Promare marks the studio's first theatrical outing.

On Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th November 2019 there will be screenings at select cinemas around the UK and Ireland.

If you're lucky enough to be in Scotland and and get to the Glasgow Film Theatre on Sunday 13th October 2019, you can get to the UK premiere! There will also be a Promare Special Events Screening at Edinburgh on Saturday 19th October 2019, with major creative talent behind this film. Plus there's also a screening at the Edinburgh Filmhouse on Monday 21st October 2019.

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Press release as follows:


Anime Limited acquires "Promare"


Coming to select cinemas in UK & Ireland on 26th & 28th November 2019

A film generating a lot of a buzz at the moment is the first theatrical outing from Studio Trigger, Promare, the same studio that brought you the very popular TV series Kill la Kill that was founded by members of GAINAX (Gurren Lagann).

Since the recent announcement that the film would be receiving UK Premiere screenings as part of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival in October, we've had lots of people asking us and other distributors if there were any other screenings planned. Well, today we're delighted to announce that we (Anime Limited) have secured the license to the film Promare in the UK & Ireland!

What's more, we're happy to confirm you won't have to wait long to catch the film on the big screen as we can confirm the film will be getting some select screenings around the UK & Ireland on 26th November (in Japanese with English subtitles) and 28th November (English dub).

And, (yes there's more!), tickets are on sale right now at

Buy Promare Tickets Here

NOTE: if a ticket listing appears as "Coming Soon" on the ticket site, check back over the next week (at time of writing) as tickets will be going on sale at those cinemas very soon.

One additional note, be aware some cinemas may refer to English dub screenings on 28th November as "English language". Also we are aware some cinemas are listing any respective screenings they have on 28th November as subtitled screenings. We've been assured they will be dubbed screenings. There are also a few additional dubbed screenings to be added, so check back over the next week for the latest location information!


The first feature-length film from the acclaimed studio TRIGGER, creators of the hit series KILL la KILL and Little Witch Academia, and director Hiroyuki Imaishi (GURREN LAGANN, KILL la KILL), Promare uses a bold cel-shaded visual style to tell a blistering action-adventure story, and is the spiritual successor to many of director Imaishi's former works.

Studio: Trigger (Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Kiznaiver)

Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill)

Synopsis: Thirty years has passed since the appearance of Burnish, a race of flame-wielding mutant beings, who destroyed half of the world with fire.

When a new group of aggressive mutants calling themselves "Mad Burnish" appears, the epic battle between Galo Thymos, a new member of the anti-Burnish rescue team "Burning Rescue," and Lio Fotia, the leader of "Mad Burnish" begins.

Check out a trailer for the film (originally published for its recent theatrical screenings in the USA) below.


If you can't wait until November, there will be a few UK Premiere screenings as part of the Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival in Glasgow and Edinburgh this month, with the very first UK screening being at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Sunday 13th October!

You can details on those screenings HERE.

Source: Anime Limited
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