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Tomo-Dachi a New Northern Ireland Convention

Date: 2005 December 03 11:57

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We've got news of a new anime convention in Northern Ireland, at the University of Ulster's Magee Campus in Londonderry. Tomo-Dachi is set for 7th 8th and 9th of July 2006 and looks like it's going to be great! With guests including veteran voice actress Tiffany Grant and writer, translator and man of many talents Jonathan Clements. The convention is the first of it's kind in Northern Ireland and has some really nice touches like anime related presents in everyone's room! We reckon it's worth going to for the "What Stupid People Say About Anime" segment alone, since we've heard many people say stupid things about anime! So clear your calendars for that week and get over to Londonderry! ^_^

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Press release as follows:


The United Kingdom's newest 3-day anime convention

LONDONDERRY, UK, December 3rd 2005 – The Committee of Tomo-Dachi 2005 is
pleased to announce the sequel convention Tomo-Dachi 2006 to be held between July 7th and July 9th 2000, with an impressive line-up of events, screening and guests, including the first ever
European convention appearance of voice actor and anime fan-girl Tiffany


The Tomo-Dachi Committee is pleased to announce a change of venue for Tomo-Dachi 2006 to the University of Ulster, Magee Campus located in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. We will be taking advantage of the facilities located there including a vast 300-seater screening theatre, vast screening rooms, and a more intimate screening theatre for the enjoyment of entire runs of anime series.

One of the University of Ulster's most impressive features is 1000 person capacity sport's hall turned dealer's area. Dealers will be invited to sell their products in an expansive hall with extra spacing for each dealer. Provided to attendees will be a 120-seater "Animecation" Suite, where many Japanese and anime themed classes, debates, lectures and panels will take place.

In addition to our highly popular "pure" anime events, TD06 will also offer large scale TCG and video gaming events and facilities running officially sanctioned tournaments, free-play and demonstrations held throughout. Officially sanctioned tournaments include Full Metal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, in addition to 4 large scale projected video gaming screens and 9 addition television units.

Tomo-Dachi Special Events

Tomo-Dachi special events include the first annual "Anime Battle of the Bands" – where local musical talents are pitted against each other in a fierce anime cover battle to the death (metaphorically) with the winners walking away with a substantial prize. Friday night is set to be a cosy night together, with special question and answer sessions alongside traditional Irish music and lots of chill out events and activities. TD06 also offers all attendees free-to-access broadband internet for the entire weekend in the University of Ulster's modern I.T. Suites.

Artistically, Tomo-Dachi has it covered with Tokyopop's, "Rising Stars of Manga" competition winners and Tokyopop itself overseeing our Artist's Gallery, Japanese Kanji Calligraphy, Japanese Language lessons and a 600 title strong Manga, Anime and Japanese culture library.

Jonathan Clements will be providing two lectures at Tomo-Dachi, although not yet finalised, these are thought to be; "The History of Anime" and "The Revolution of Digital Animation in Anime". On Saturday night he will also indulge us with his comedy talents with his "What Stupid People Say About Anime".

Other events include a variety of Cosplay related activities such as Cosplay Theatre, Cosplay Chess and Cosplay Catwalk.


Cosplayers will feel right at home at Tomo-Dachi with a number of events and activities set aside just for them aside from the obvious photo opportunities being the centre of attention. The first Cosplay Catwalk to grace the Emerald Isles – show off your costume in style and we'll let our guest panel be the judges of who has the greatest cosplay costume of Tomo-Dachi 2006! Cosplay Theatre is your chance to become the character of your Cosplay. Left to the toilets and halls of other conventions, at Tomo-Dachi you can take centre stage as your favourite Cosplay character and re-enact their greatest triumphs or re-write the story in the live action version of fan-fiction! Prizes will be given for the greatest comedies, actions and dramas that you
guys can pull off!

Tomo-Dachi will be hosting a large gathering of guests from the various areas of the anime and manga industry.

Guest of Honour: Ms. Tiffany Grant

In her first ever European convention appearance, Ms. Grant will grace the Emerald Isle with her presence and she invites anime fans from across the UK and Ireland to join her! Ms. Grant became most famous (or infamous) for her role as Asuka in ADV Film's Neon Genesis Evangelion. This isn't her only accolade however, prior to NGE and up to the present day, she still voices a large number of anime characters. Being one of the most respected anime voice actors in the world, Ms. Grant will talk to everyone, sign almost anything and give you a unique insight into the world of voicing anime for the Western market.

Jonathan Clements

Arguably the greatest anime academia in the UK, he has become widely respected for co-writing the anime encyclopaedia and his monthly articles in Neo Magazine and Newtype USA . However, he has adorned his skills to many other professions including commentating in numerous Manga Entertainment titles as well as translating countless interviews, titles and manga, voice acting, directing and more recently being the face and voice of anime related interviews on television and radio.

Rising Stars of Manga

The UK hosted its first ever Rising Stars of Manga competition, run by Tokyopop, a brother to its US version - now this is your chance to meet them! Since we don't know who they are yet and they don't know either, maybe it's you reading this that will be coming free of charge as our part of a special guest line-up!


Many companies have already shown their support for Tomo-Dachi and many more are still in negotiations. Already confirmed are Manga Entertainment's Jerome Mazandarani, ADV Film's Hugh David and Tokyopop's Andrew Whealen.


Tomo-Dachi onsite accommodation is just a few minutes walk away from the main convention venue. Each of the rooms is specially catered for comfort and includes complementary tea and coffee. TD Staff will also be adding free anime related goodies into every room – maybe it's pocky, maybe it's a poster – it's all luck of the draw!

Just as an encouragement for you to book early, the first 250 to book via our online registration system will receive a free upgrade to en-suite rooms.

In addition to your room, there is a common room for every 8 rooms for those anime discussions to continue uninterrupted into the wee hours. Each common area has its own kitchen for all your snacking purposes during the convention.

Accommodation rates are as follows;

Single night: £25pp
Two nights: £45pp
Three nights: £65pp
Four nights:£85pp
Convention Booking and Entrance Rates are as follows;

Single Day Pass: £15pp
Two day Pass: £20pp
optional third day free with the two day pass (The Friday evening is free for person paying for a two-day pass).

Groups and Club Booking

Tomo-Dachi encourages small and large groups and anime clubs to attend the event together and as such we provide special discounted rate for groups and club bookings:

Groups of more than one, but less than six @ entry at £17.50pp for the entire weekend Groups of more than five, but less than eleven @ entry at £15pp for the entire weekend Groups of more than ten or clubs @ entry at £12.50pp for the entire weekend


Tomo-Dachi is a convention dedicated to the celebration of anime, manga and the related video gaming culture.

Tomo-Dachi was founded by the Derry Anime and Manga Association that headed the committee for the first Tomo-Dachi convention in 2005.

Tomo-Dachi was the first of its kind in local history with intentions of spreading its influence over the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Source: Tomo-Dachi
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